At Pro Armament we carry a variety of high quality new and used firearms. Whether you are in the market for the latest pistol for concealed carry or a classic collectable, chances are we have what you are looking for.

We carry a large selection of handguns, bolt action and semi-auto rifles, shotguns, and antiques. We specialize in custom AR-15s and 1911s, as well as top of the line handguns for law enforcement including Class III items such as full auto and suppressors.

Our inventory is always changing as we do our best to stock the latest firearms on the market as well as the sought after collectibles that you have been longing for. As always, if there is a particular firearm that we do not have in our inventory, we would be happy to special order it for you!

The major brands that we deal with include but are not limited to:
AAC, Alexander Arms, Benelli, Beretta, Colt, CZ, Daniel Defense, Dan Wesson, FNH, Glock, H&K, Henry Repeating Arms, Ithaca, James River Armory, LWRC, Nighthawk, Remington, Rock River Armory, Ruger, Sako, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Uberti, Walther and many more.

We also carry many class III items that include brands such as:
AAC, Benelli, Colt, Gemtech, LWRC, Remington, Rock River Armory, SWR and Surefire.

The bottom line, is that we do not stock JUNK! We carry firearms that we can stand by 100% as we are all shooters and know these firearms inside and out. If you want to obtain a firearm that you can rely your life on and enjoy many years of target practice with, this is the place for you!



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