CCW Training
In order to obtain your permit to carry a concealed handgun you must first acquire a certificate of completion within the last 3 years of a basic firearms that complies with statutory requirements. Pro Armament offers CCW classes once a month to aid you in obtaining your permit. Our course is a comprehensive curriculum taught by OPOTA instructor Dan Clevenger. You must have confidence in the class that you take both to make sure you fully understand the laws, as well as demonstrate safe handling of your firearm. With our experienced staff you will gain knowledge not only regarding CCW laws but also other valuable tools for self defense.

CCW Classes taught by instructor Dan Clevenger:

The CCW course consists of 8 hours of classroom and 2 hours of live fire qualification. Expect to fire at least 100 rounds of ammunition which can be purchased the day of qualification.

Cost: The course is $150 which includes everything except your ammunition for qualification. Be sure to register and pay in full prior to the class date to secure your spot.

When: Courses are once a month and always fall on a Saturday. Be sure to bring your handgun and holster, but NO AMMO in the classroom.

Due to recent changes in Ohio CCW law we are now able to offer a one day course.

(classroom) - 9am - 5pm
(live fire) - 5pm - 7pm

Both the classroom and live fire portions of the class are held at Pro Armament / The Riverside Range.

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Akron-area firearms instructor arrested, more than 200 licenses to carry guns suspended!

Warning! Please do not fall victim to fly by night CCW instructors. Regardless of where you take your class please make sure your instructor is legit. If they are offering you a discount class for $50.00 or less......buyer beware! Over 200 people who believe they are legitimately licensed to carry a handgun may be committing a felony right now and not even know it! We have seen too many people lose their right to carry, become felons, or end up in jail due to poor training and bad instructors. Please make sure your instructor is legit! There are still plenty of bad instructors out there who don't care about circumventing the law or bending the rules. These instructors make anyone who exercises their right to carry look bad!


Shooting and firearms safety courses
Various levels of training are available from beginner to advanced.
By appointment only. Please inquire for details.
$75 per hour

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