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  •  CCW Training
  •  Estate Appraisals
  •  Shooting Lesson & Safety
  •  Firearm Customization

Have you ever wanted to shoot a handgun?
Now you can!

  • 1 hour of shooting instruction (Everything Included)
  • Basic safety and firearms handling
  • Basic handgun shooting techniques
  • Classes are currently filling up for every Saturday at 5:00 PM
  • Classes are offered for a limited time at a discounted rate of $40 per person
  • Individual shooting lessons are also available by appointment $75/hour
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Attention residents of Akron.

Click the link below and read this article. Contact your city council representatives and let them know how you feel.

All Ohio residents should watch this video.
Click on the link below.

Obviously our Governor is out of touch with our beliefs and rights. Please contact your State Representatives and let them know where you stand on the issue.