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Firearm Specials



Springfield Armory Hellion 5.56mm $1799.99

Limited Time Sale $1599.99 Ends 11-30.



American Defense rifles in stock. 5.56mm



Sig Sauer P320X Full Size 9mm. 2-17rd Mags & Night Sights. $599.99


Sig Sauer P365XL 9mm $599.99. Comes with Night Sights and 2-12rd mags.

Sale! See in store for more details.

Available with manual safety only.



Sig Sauer P365 MACROS Comp 9mm. Two 17rd mags, night sights, optics ready. $799.99 MFG # 365XCA-9-COMP



Shadow Systems XR920 Elite 9mm. With threaded barrel, night sight, and Matching Holosun HS507C red dot sight. $1,279.00.

Comes with Holosun sight, front night sight, and 2-mags,

Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm. Night Sight. Optics ready. Comes with 2-15rd mags. $599.99


CZ Tactical Sport 2 9mm TS2$1,595.58  3-mags.

Sale! See in store for sale price!

Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum. 3″ barrel. $899.99


Colt King Cobra Target .357 magnum. 4″ barrel, adjustable sights, wood grips. $999.99

Glock 19x 9mm. Comes with: night sights, two 19rd mags & one 17rd mag. $599.99


Springfield Armory Prodigy 9mm 4.25″ barrel. Comes with one 17rd mag and one 20rd mag. $1499.99


Built on a forged frame and slide the Mil-Spec carries on Springfield Armory’s long legacy of quality 1911s. Traditionally styled and built on a full-size frame the Mil-Spec features a 5″ match grade barrel and rear slant serrations on the slide. The mainspring housing is the original arched style found on G.I.-issue 1911-A1s, giving you a classic look with modern upgrades for improved performance and reliability.

Sale $599.99!




Colt M5 Carbine. Ambi Lower. Enhanced upper, 15″ Free Float M-LOK Handguard. Troy Sights. $1983.00.


Tikka T3X UPR 6.5 creedmoor. $1599.99
24″ threaded barrel. Adjustable stock.



Colt 6940 M4 Carbine 5.56mm. 16″ 1-7 chrome lined barrel. Monolithic upper. Flip up front & rear sights. one mag. $1,399.99.


Shadow Systems CR 920 Combat 9mm. $739.00 with optic cut. Comes with 2-mags and front night sight.

Standard CR920 (no optic cut) $679.00


CZ P10 C 9mm. Two 15rd mags. Regular price $499.99. Sale price $479.99.

Limited Time Sale $399.99!! Sale ends 11-30

$50.00 factory rebate on any new CZ P-10 pistol. See link below for more details.

Replica of the Original AR-15 Prototype

A faithful replica of Eugene Stoner’s very first AR-15 prototype. If you’re an AR-15 aficionado or collector, the BRN-Proto® is a rifle you should not be without! Based on AR-15 Serial Number One, the Brownells BRN-Proto® sports a wealth of unique, historically accurate features you will not see on later AR-15 / M16 models.

  • Chambered for modern 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington compatible) ammunition
  • Robust forged/machined 7075 T6 aluminum receivers
  • 20″ barrel with 1-12″ rifling for compatibility with modern ammo
  • Rifle-length gas tube
  • Chrome-plated bolt / carrier group machined from 9310 carbon steel
  • Comes with one 25-rd magazine



Ruger MK IV Target. 5.5″ barrel, adjustable sights. 2-mags. $499.99

CZ 75 Omega 9mm. 2-16rd mags. $599.99

Steyr M9 A2 9mm $650.00 2-17rd mags.

Sig Sauer P320 V Tac 9mm. Night Sights, 3-17rd mags. $749.99 320XF-9-VTAC-R2


HK VP9 9mm $599.99. Comes with 2-17rd mags. (Regular Price $749.00)


HK VP9 9mm with three 17rd mags and Night Sights. $699.99. (Regular Price $849.00)

XDM ELITE TARGET 9MM  5.25″ Barrel. Comes with three 22 round mags.


IWI Tavor XB95 5.56mm 16.5″ barrel. $1749.99. Black or FDE available.

X95 XB18 Black 18″ barrel also available. $1749.99

Sig Sauer P322 .22LR. Adjustable sights, threaded barrel adapter, two 20rd magazines $399.99. MFG MDL #: 322C-BAS

Extra 20rd mags $29.99

Featuring an unyielding commitment to strength, reliability and quality, the Ronin® 1911 combines a legacy of service with the features modern shooters demand.

Strength is a core element of the Ronin line, with all models offered featuring forged steel slide, hammer-forged barrels and forged frames. The steel slide features a beautiful hot salt bluing finish that contrasts nicely against the forged stainless steel frame. Available in .45acp or 9mm.

Sale $799.99

Sig Sauer M17 320 9mm. Night sights, 3-mags, two 21rd mags & one 17rd mag. $649.99
MFG MDL #: 320CA-9-M17-MS

Sig Sauer M18 320 9mm. Night sights, 3-mags, two 21rd mags & one 17rd mag. $649.99
MFG MDL #: 320CA-9-M18-MS


CZ Bren II carbine 5.56mm. $2,127.44

Limited Time Sale $1899.99 Sale Ends 11-30

16″ 1-7 twist chrome lined barrel. Side folding collapsible stock. Comes with 2-30rd mags & cleaning kit.


Geissele Super Duty Rifle in Luna Black. 16″ 1-7 twist, chrome lined barrel.


Sig Sauer P365X Tac Pac with manual safety. Night Sights, Holster, & 3-12rd mags $599.99.

Sig Sauer P365X Tac Pac. Night Sights, Holster, & 3-12rd mags $599.99.



Springfield Armory Hell Cat O.S.P. with Shield red dot sight. One 11rd & one 13rd mag. $699.99.



Sig Sauer P320 Equinox. Aluminum frame, micarta grips, night sights, optics ready. Comes with 3-mags and case. $1,199.99.                                                   MFG MDL #: 320AXGCA-9-CW-EQ-R2


Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP 9mm. Night sight. Optics ready. Comes with 5-mags. $569.99

Shadow Systems MR920 Combat 9mm. $799.99


Shadow Systems DR920P comp gun. $1,099.00

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Max 9mm. Comes with four 21rd mags. $1599.99. MFG MDL #: 320X5-9-MAXM

Shadow Systems Foundation Series now in stock. Optics ready base model pistol. MR-920 & DR-920 available. $679.99


CZ P10 F Competition 9mm. Comes with three 19rd mags. $799.99

$50.00 factory rebate on any new CZ P-10 pistol. See link below for more details.

Sig Sauer M11 9mm. Night Sights & 3-15rd mags. $1099.99


Ammunition, Holsters, Optics, Knives,
and other accessory specials


Federal XM193 55gr 5.56mm. 1,000rd case. $599.99.

500rd case $310.00

100rd box $65.00

Also available in .223 $599.99 per 1,000.00.


Ammo cans also available:

Federal 5.56mm 55gr FMJ 420 rounds in metal ammo can $279.99

Federal 5.56mm 55gr FMJ 400 rounds in metal ammo can $259.99

Norma .308win 175gr Golden Match. 20rd box $28.25.
Limited Supply.

Federal Gold Medal Match .300 win mag 190 grain. $65.75 per box. 200rd case $560.00

Sellier & Bellot 10mm FMJ 180gr. $28.95 per 50rd box.

Fiocchi .300BLK 125 grain Hyperformance SST polymer tip. 25 round box $25.00. 500rd case $490.00.

Federal 9mm 124gr Hydra-shok Hollow point. $25.00, 20rd box.

Hornady Frontier .223 55gr FMJ. 500rd Case $266.99

Federal American Eagle 6.5 Creedmoor 123gr OTM. $24.95 per box or $235.00 for 200rd case.

Federal Gold Medal Match 6.5 Creedmoor 140grain OTM. $39.99 per box or $350.00 per 200rd case.


10% OFF all Vertx Sling pack & back packs.



                Nosler 115gr 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point. 50rd Box $28.95.


Sig Sauer Marksman 77 grain OTM .223 $25.00 per 20rd box.

Fiocchi .308 win. 150grain FMJ $26.00 per 20rd box. $240.00 per 200rd case.

Federal Auto match .22LR 325 round box. $25.00

CCI Standard Velocity .22LR 40 grain. 100rd box $9.99. 5,000 rd case $449.50

CCI MINI MAG .22LR 40 grain. 100rd box $9.99.  5,000rd case $449.50

CCI Clean coated .22LR 40grain High Velocity. 100rd box $8.99

5,000 round case $399.99!

Federal Syntech 9mm 130 grain. PCC load great for handguns or carbines. $18.99 per box or $189.90 for a 500rd case.


Total Synthetic jacket. Lead free primer. No copper fowling. Super clean.

Also Available 150 grain subsonic load. $18.99 per box or $179.00! per case.


Winchester NATO 9mm 124gr FMJ. 100rd box $35.00. 1,000rd case $329.99!


Winchester Active Duty 9mm. 100rd box $38.95 or 500rd case for $194.75 Selected to serve as the ammunition supplier for the U.S. Army Modular Handgun System (MHS) program. Winchester proudly developed M1152 to serve alongside the U.S. Warfighter, M1152 delivers the accuracy and reliability required by the MHS program.

Sellier & Bellot 6.5 Creedmoor 142 grain HPBT $26.95 per box.


Sig Sauer 115gr V-crown hollow point. $19.95 per box 20rd.

Sig Sauer M17 124gr +p V-crown hollow point. $20.00 per 20rd box


Norma 45acp 50rd box $27.00. 1,000rd case $510.00


Browning .45acp 230gr FMJ. 150rd box $79.99. or 750rd case $375.00.


Independence 45acp 230gr FMJ brass cases. 500 round bulk pack. $250.00





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